Belk Biggest Fashion Trends During Spring Sale 2024

The winters are already bidding us farewell and it is time that our wardrobe undergoes the much-needed modification for welcoming the Spring season. If you are looking to go on a shopping spree before Spring sets in, we are here to suggest to you some of the best fashion trends for the Spring season that you must look forward to this year. Moreover, Belk is offering as much as an 80% discount through the end-of-season sale that you must have a look at.

In this article, we will be discussing all the fashion trends for the Belk Spring sale of 2024 that you must watch out for. Let’s dive right in. 

Canyon Kids dress

Spring calls for many casual dresses. The fashion models who depicted the features of this dress acted as a love letter to color-wonderful hippies of a bygone age, from whirling, psychedelic designs at Gabriela Hearst and Givenchy to brilliant, sunset-hued knitwear at Isabel Marant and Paco Rabanne. 

However, lest you mistake this for a literal throwback, pay attention to the unique forms, proportions, and weaving techniques that make their designs unavoidably modern.

Alexis Dress

This season, the Brooklynite recreated her iconic pieces with a new offering of exuberant yet gently romantic designs, inspired by the ethereal appeal of the Southwestern United States. It’s a lesson in balancing opposites and heightened comfort. 

The ‘Alexis’ dress is made of 100% merino wool and features a classic ankle-length design. One can combine it with summer accessories and simple leather sandals from the seaside to the nightclub.


You might have often been confused between catsuits and jumpsuits. A catsuit is a women’s one-piece clothing that covers the thighs, shoulders, and chest. On the other hand, a jumpsuit is a one-piece article of apparel comparable to that worn by skydivers and used for adventure activities such as snowboarding. 

All-in-ones such as the ones shown at the Roberto Cavalli and Victor Glemaud fashion shows, it seemed like a whole new way of dressing and showing your greatest attributes, whether they were covered in sparkling like Burberry’s, in a full-on blacked attire like Balenciaga’s, or in a common or garden floral-like Collina Strada.

Almost Bridal Dresses

We know what you might be thinking but just hold your horses right there. Let’s know something about the bridal crepe dresses. To begin, the term “crepe” may apply to a wide range of textures, weights, and draping patterns. These bridal gowns are originally made of silk, although they could now be constructed of nearly any fabric. Thick crepe is smooth and elastic, whilst thin crepe is a sheer fabric and furrowed. 

It doesn’t matter if reading wedding vows isn’t on your 2024 must-do list, there’ll be plenty of reasons to show up and flaunt your all-white ensemble. On the runways of Givenchy, McQueen, Vuitton, and others, wispy dresses made beautiful entrances without the need for “Pachelbel’s Canon.”

The Retro Cuts

Maybe it is the result of the age of virtual exercises, but there really is no doubting designers’ desire to flaunt their abs. From Miu Miu’s Y2K schoolgirl prep to Max Mara and Moschino’s colorful ’60s brights and Versace’s glam ’80s references, the one and only question that remains is: why conceal your tummy once you can flaunt it off? 

Plus, it is the year of body positivity, and therefore, you must not think either way. Just yell out and go for the retro cuts this Spring season from Belk.

Turtleneck Woollen sweaters

Who can forget the turtleneck fashion donned by Steve Jobs? Well, they are making a return this season. Breathable, flexible, and pleasant to the touch long-sleeve Merino wool sweater with a high collar. A clean-cut piece that can be worn alone or under a jacket for a more relaxed look. 

The Woolmark label ensures the excellent quality of the clothes by enforcing and monitoring specified criteria throughout the wool production process, from breeders to finished products.

Party Casual Dresses

This season is defined in part by the greatest party outfits and nothing quite hits the dance floor like a little fringe, we are sorry though if we mispronounced the roaring twenties. Some of the prominent fashion designers like Rodarte, Dries Van Noten, Ferragamo, and Proenza Schouler among others, used ASMR-soundtracked mobility to great effect in their costumes. You won’t be able to hear it above the thumping sound of the DJ.

Black and White

Countless things may be said about these opposing pairings, but simple isn’t one of them. The current approach to black and white, spruced up in striping and polka dots, is graphic, certainly, but it’s also lively, bold, and, in a word, eye-catching. 

Tory Burch’s corseted dress was a workday discovery, while Schiaparelli’s disco-worthy top and skirt were a sultry and luxury attitude to night-time, and Balmain’s maillot and declaration jacket, done up in patches, was a welcome throwback to the ’80s.


We hope this article could solve all your queries regarding the latest fashion trends for the 2022 spring season and the Belk Spring sale that should be kept in mind. You can avail the 65% – 80% of discount on different categories across the Belk Website. One must also keep in mind to check the different coupon affiliating websites for getting the best possible deal on their shopping so as to ensure that their wardrobe modification is not too heavy for their wallets. In the end, if you liked this article, do subscribe to our newsletter, we will be bringing more of such amazing articles every week.  

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